Something about make up

I’m fascinated by make up. I admit I’m not very good at it, but I do occasionally paint my lips and wear eyeliner, and I pretty much never step out without a dab of kajal on my waterline.
Why do I wear make up? Or why does any girl wear make up?
I get confronted by the same old question time and again.

“But why do you have to wear make up? You look soooo good without it!”

So why do I wear it?
First of all, I know I look good without it, thank you very much. I’m a fucking diva.

“But wearing make up is a mark of low self-esteem and I don’t get why girls have to change themselves to impress other people!!”

Hold on.
1. Low self-esteem? I could go around the world and kick some butt, all without smearing my lipstick. Don’t you talk to me about my self-esteem.


Above quote inspired by Miss Fisher. Watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, it’s awesome!

2. Make up is not changing yourself. It’s treating your face like a canvas and letting out the artist in you. It’s therapeutic, it’s art.
3. You thought girls wore make up to impress other people? Oh, you poor silly thing. We wear it to please ourselves. Do you know how amazing it is to see some colour on your face?
4. Make up is awesome! And everybody should try it, regardless of gender.

I find it a remarkable category of chauvinism where men masquerading as feminists urge women to stop wearing make up and be more natural. It’s cute how they want to be saviours and try to make girls feel comfortable in their own skin. I hope they realise soon enough that we don’t want to be saved.


Oh, and this happens IRL. A lot.

It’s ridiculous to judge somebody based on what they choose to do with their face. If somebody (could be a girl or a guy) is doing it and loving it and it makes them happy, what makes you want to stop them from doing it? Besides,¬†make up can be washed¬†off every evening, it’s not even permanent like a tattoo!

So next time before you ask somebody “Why make up?” stop yourself and think about “Why not make up?”