Dealing with Sadness, or How I Went From Being the Side Character in my Tragedy to the Main Lead in my Comedy

I’ve been sad for a while. Being forced to let go of people and places you hold dear tends to do that to you. It’s also kind of a bummer to see people seemingly living it up while I’m waiting for my own life to start. Bad thing is, I can never seem to handle emotions like a woman in her late 20’s should. Good thing is, I know people who can. And it helps that they’re great at giving advice.

One of my dear friends who also had to handle grief told me something quite enlightening. He said he got through his pain by imagining his life as a sitcom (amongst other things). Huh. Sounds cool.

So last night when I was in the middle of a crying fit and struggling with a¬†dreadful inability to sleep I thought of applying the sitcom advice to my situation. Suddenly I felt the background music that’s been playing in my head change from pianos and violins to laugh tracks. And I felt okay. No, actually, I felt great. I imagined that I was the relatable heroine in a sitcom going through a breakup – sprawled on the floor with disheveled hair, stained pajamas and an ugly snotty face that would make people want to give her a hug and say everything’s okay, also maybe fill ‘er up with ice cream. Yup, I wouldn’t mind being *that* girl.

It helps to find humor and laugh at yourself in wretched circumstances. It made me realize that this is not permanent, because the girl in the sitcom always has something better waiting for her. She’s always going to have an adventure, she’s going to have so much fun and everybody’s going to love her. I’m so grateful for the people in my life who love me already, and I’m looking forward to see what life has in store for me. There was a time when I’d wallow in self-pity and think of myself as the side character in my own story, but now I feel like a heroine. And that’s awesome.