My Baby Astrid

So I wanted to write a little about my cat Astrid on my new website I created to try out React and I pretty much went OFF. Turns out, I have a lot to talk about. I have been meaning to get back here and write so why not have the write-up here too (albeit with corrections and more pictures)?

>> My coworker who saw my website today laughed about the fact that I wrote about 5 lines about myself in my resume but wrote an almost 2-pager about my cat and I realized that's a totally on-brand thing for me to do.
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Human got me a dandy bear buddy

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I met Astrid for the first time on the 7th of July 2018 in Seattle Humane. I had been mulling over getting a cat for quite some time but I was still on the fence when after an energizing morning of Dragon Boat Racing I said to myself, “fuck it just go get your damn cat!” and the next thing I knew I was on the cab to Seattle Humane.

Entering the cat adoption center was a little overwhelming but I was determined. After looking at all the cats I was set on taking home a tiny Tabby with a heart murmur, but when I went up to the adoption agents and asked for her they said there was another woman already looking at her and she directed me towards two other cats: a tortoiseshell named Ash and a piebald named Astrid.

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Please leave me alone

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I met Ash first. She was given up by her previous family for unknown reasons, and she had problems with going outside the litter box. She was shy, but very intrigued. She seemed comfortable in my presence and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t fallen in love. I almost did not want to meet Astrid, but I love meeting cats so why not.

Astrid was SUCH a DARLING. As soon as I opened up her cubby she started rubbing herself all up against my extended hand. It really felt like she was waiting for me to take her home. It was instant heart-melt for me. Also, she has a dot on her nose which is the cutest, cutest thing.

Astrid’s history is a mystery. She was rescued as a stray from somewhere near Los Angeles and was taken in by Seattle Humane in early 2018. She was always a healthy cat with a beautiful coat of shiny black-and-white fur. Just a beautiful specimen of a cat.

So, yeah, I grabbed her up immediately and took her home. She’s a curious cat. I was all set to do a slow introduction near the closet in case she wanted to hide a bit in the beginning but NO, she acted like she owned the place from the very beginning. It was very apparent that she was used to and loved the company of humans because from Day 1 she loved being around me.

Adjusting to the new house may have been easier for her than for most cats but it wasn’t a smooth ride either. She was still not completely comfortable with handling and I have been scratched several times in the beginning for petting for too long or petting her at the wrong place. I also went through an asthma scare with her which, thankfully, turned out to be a mere respiratory infection for not taking too well to clumping clay litter. Those were stressful (and expensive) times.

Things eventually got better. It’s been a long time since I’ve got scratched! Astrid has proven to be the ideal cat since she does not bite or scratch things around the house. She is super affectionate and loves snuggling every morning when I’m waking up and she loves keeping me company on the couch when I’m working or just chilling. She loves socializing with humans, there’s nobody who hasn’t loved her after meeting her. The only times I do get annoyed with her are when she keeps trying to climb on my laptop while I’m working and when she compulsively uses her litter box right after I’m done cleaning it. Otherwise, my little girl is a perfect little angel. You can follow Astrid on a public insta I made for her (yes I’m one of *those* pet parents)

P.S. Also, if you were wondering about Ash – it took a while for her to get adopted, but she eventually did get adopted a few weeks later. I used to obsessively check the Seattle Humane Adopted Pets page daily, and when I finally saw her on there I squealed!

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