The Kannadiga Identity

In conversation with my friend Joshua, and I start the conversation by fretting

My friend who’s from Karnataka said that I’m not from Karnataka because I’m Konkani and I felt bad

You felt bad because he implied you weren’t a Kannadiga, no?

Well, first of all that argument stems from the same fundamentals as racism, so you should treat it as such.

Secondly, if it hurt you because he kind of hurt your sense of belonging to Karnataka, keep in mind that his idea of Karnataka and ours is very different. And to be very honest, that Karnataka is not cool. It’s boring.

Coastal Karnataka is a different case altogether. Our diversity in religion and language, our education levels and other human development indices are simply not seen anywhere else in Karnataka. We’re different. We don’t have to be ashamed of that.

Honestly, we’re kind of like what India should really be. You realize that when you see how it is outside the urban areas elsewhere. It’s very segregated. We’re pretty miraculous as a region. Our favorite ice cream also is called Ideal.

Yes! Damn, my part of India is the cutest

Oh easily. Easily. 

That’s why I love my identity. There are very few places around the world that pull off what we do.


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