This is a mediocre story

I am a mediocre person who lives a mediocre life.
So I woke up this morning and brushed my teeth and had breakfast.
It was a slice of bread which was quite mediocre. And an egg, which was quite mediocre too.
Any way, I got ready and took the bus to university. The bus ride was pretty mediocre.
I do this mediocre thing where I sit in the library and study or do stuff.
So I went to the library and sat at this mediocre desk.
I was studying algorithms. I happen to be mediocre at it.
So anyway, I was reading. This black bubble appeared in front of me.
It was floating in front of me. It was slightly above my head so I tilted my head at a mediocre angle to look at it.
It was not jet black. It was not greyish-black either. Was it blue-black? Don’t know.
It was a mediocre colour.
So it was roughly the size of a quarter. I stared at it for about 5 seconds and realised it was now slightly bigger than a quarter.
It was growing, albeit at a mediocre pace.
I did not feel like doing any more of algorithms, so I kept staring at the bubble.
Once it was the size of a mediocre orange I realised that it was probably a vortex of some kind.
I tried touching it, but as soon as I put my finger there the bubble sucked me in.
I felt a mediocre kind of sick feeling in my stomach as I was swirling through the vortex.
At the end of all the swirling I realised I was in the middle of a meadow.
It seemed mediocre so I guessed I was still on Earth.
This alien kind of creature appeared. He had two eyes, two arms, two legs – which was quite mediocre.
But he had an extra nostril and an ear extending from his head.
“Neat”, I thought.
I asked the alien what his name was.
“gzzzdzd bzzgzzzd dzzbzzzgzz”, he said. I don’t know if it was a he or she, but he sounded more manly earth-wise
He handed me a small metallic device. It was a mediocre-looking device.
He signalled me to fasten it on to my neck and he pointed to his own neck where he had fastened his.
So I fastened it. I felt nothing. So I asked him his name again.
“My name is Tim”
“Well that’s a pretty mediocre name”
“I know. Life is pretty mediocre where I come from”
“Do you have anybody you loved but died?”
I led a mediocre life so I don’t think my affection for anybody went beyond liking. I tried to think harder anyway.
I had a dog I loved. She was a mediocre mongrel. She loved me in-spite of my mediocre being.
I don’t know what it is with dogs and love, but they seem like they love loving so they’ll love you anyway.
“Are dogs okay?”
“Cool. My dog. She died last summer.”
There was a mediocre swoosh and my dog appeared out of thin air.
That was neat.
So Tim, my dog and I found a tree and sat under it. We reflected upon our respective mediocre lives.
It was a mediocre day indeed.

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